Civil and Structural Engineering

Synterra has the experienced engineering team for the offshore platform substructure design. The team has capabilities to carry out basic and detail engineering design using specific software package such as SACS and USFOS. The in-house tools and advanced software package such as ABAQUS and ANSYS can be adopted for special structure analysis such as non-linear push over analysis and ship impact analysis.
Our key services include,:
⦁ Pre-service analysis and design
⦁ Load out analysis
⦁ Transportation analysis
⦁ On-bottom stability analysis
⦁ Lift analysis
⦁ Flotation and upending analysis
⦁ In-service analysis and design
⦁ In-place analysis
⦁ Modal analysis
⦁ Fatigue analysis
⦁ Pushover analysis
⦁ Ship impact analysis
⦁ Cathodic protection design
⦁ Local structure analysis and design (FEA Study)
⦁ Material take-off and weight control report
⦁ Life extension assessment
⦁ Risk-based Underwater Inspection Plan
⦁ Platform decommissioning
⦁ Minimum Facility Platform for Marginal field

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