Pipeline and Risers Engineering

Onshore/Subsea Pipeline Engineering Services

Synterra has developed capability in the more challenging aspects from onshore to subsea deepwater rigid flowline and pipe-in-pipe design with a value proposition to reduce risk by improved technical assurance in the solution and by applying thorough knowledge of available installation methods/vessels for a particular project.
Our key services include,:
⦁ Hydraulic design and sizing.
⦁ Routing selection and optimization
⦁ Wall thickness design
⦁ On-bottom stability analysis
⦁ Cathodic protection system design (galvanic)
⦁ Thermal insulation systems selection and design
⦁ Thermal expansion analysis and design
⦁ Buckling analysis and buckle mitigations
⦁ Free spanning analysis and free span mitigation
⦁ On-bottom roughness analysis
⦁ Walking analysis
⦁ Dragging analysis
⦁ Dropped object protection assessment.

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