Geotechnical Engineering

Synterra provides specialist geotechnical services as a part of subsea activities. The company has qualified and experienced engineers in all range of services beginning from investigation and planning, detail engineering through construction and monitoring. For projects requiring greater technical assurance or facing distinctive challenges, Synterra offers state-of-the-art engineering techniques to optimise the analysis and design results.
Our key services include:
⦁ Geophysical and geotechnical survey planning and specification
⦁ Foundation design
⦁ Shallow foundation design
⦁ Deep foundation design
⦁ Ground improvement design
⦁ Seabed slope stability assessment
⦁ Excavation design
⦁ Trench design
⦁ Geohazard assessment (Deterministic/Probabilistic)
⦁ Earthquake and seismic hazard analysis
⦁ Liquefaction analysis
⦁ Landslide analysis
⦁ Debris flow analysis
⦁ Pipeline-Soil Interaction (PSI) analysis
⦁ Structure-Soil interaction analysis
⦁ Scour analysis

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