Naval Architecture and Mooring Systems

Synterra offers the engineering analysis and design of mooring system for floating structure including floating module, offshore substructure, buoy, midwater arch, Single Point Mooring (SPM), barge, vessel, and vessel with turret. The mooring spread/configuration is optimized according to the requirements and environmental constraints. The design considered both static and dynamic analysis through the FEA software such as OrcaFlex. The scope of work related to Naval Architecture e.g., vessel modification, vessel strength check, is also included in the provided service.
Our key services include:
⦁ Anchor design
⦁ Mooring cable design
⦁ Mooring configuration design
⦁ Static/dynamic analysis of floating vessel
⦁ Vessel’s stability analysis
⦁ Vessel’s structure modification
⦁ Vessel’s structure strength check

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